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Get cycling feedback, accountability & results

Affordable, personalised support each week to achieve your goals, from pulling longer turns on the bunch ride to completing your first race.

First week free, then $20 per week. Cancel anytime.

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Everything you need to ride faster, without overhauling your life. CoTraining by CoachRec is the best way for new, recreational or rising cyclists to get real cycling improvements. Get individual feedback and guidance each week from a real-life cycling coach, without a strict training plan and while still having fun.

Affordable, personalised feedback every week from a real cycling coach, with guidance on training and skills
Chat with your coaches community, ask for clarifications & train knowing you'll get the best bang for buck for your time.
All you need is Strava and Whatsapp to get going! No need for expensive equipment or excessive software.
CoTraining vs Traditional Coaching
CoTraining is