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CoachRec: Where Coaches & Sports Enthuisasts Unlock their Potential.

We are CoachRec. At CoachRec, we share a common passion - the passion for sports, for pushing boundaries, and for reaching beyond the limits. Founded by a team of athletes and technology enthusiasts, we have made it our mission to empower individuals in their sporting journey.

CoachRec was founded because we found it so hard to find quality endurance sports coaches
We then decided to take the best technology from the worlds best marketplaces to coaching
The result is CoachRec, a platform that connects coaches and athletes.
Our Values
Our values shape what we do. They're not just words written on a wall, but are lived through every bone and muscle of ours.

Team Spirit

Just like in any sport, we believe in the power of the team. We celebrate each other's victories and learn from our setbacks, understanding that our collective strength leads to better decisions and greater achievements.

The Coach's Mindset

We take inspiration from the best coaches who continually strive for self-improvement. We acknowledge what we don't know, ask questions fearlessly, and are dedicated to learning and growing every day.

Game-Time Communication

Open, candid, and constructive communication is as crucial in our work as it is on the field. We actively participate in every interaction, share feedback with clarity, and receive it with courage.

Strategic Risk-Taking

In sports and business alike, the status quo can be the biggest adversary. We embrace informed risk-taking, setting challenging goals, and knowing it's safe to stumble as long as we're learning and advancing.

Ownership on the Field and Off:

We foster a sense of ownership akin to a dedicated athlete or coach. We ask, "What can I do to improve the results?" Viewing challenges as opportunities to find the right solution is our way of stepping up to the plate.

Athlete's Resilience:

We value resilience, a quality inherent to every successful athlete. We understand that the path to success is often paved with trials, and we're committed to bouncing back stronger from every setback, using each experience to fuel our growth and innovation.

🧘‍♀️ Built with an athlete's mindset in San Francisco, Sydney, Brussels, and New York.
👀 ICYMI: CoachRec is short for "Coach Recommendations".