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Scott Law

Cycling Coach | Hot Sauce Coaching

Empowering cyclists to reach their full potential: Coach Scott Law's balanced approach to endurance training.

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πŸ“ Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
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Why choose Scott Law

  • Extensive Experience, Impressive Results: With nearly 20 years of global training and racing experience, Coach Scott Law's track record includes World Cup Gold (Track), multiple National Championships, and u23 Australian Crit Champion.

  • Balanced Approach: Coach Scott Law prioritizes balance in coaching, helping athletes realize their potential, achieve their goals, and enjoy their time on the bike. Personalized training programs, based on individual aspirations and the latest science and technology, ensure a well-rounded approach to training.

  • Dedicated Support, Effective Communication: Coach Scott Law offers dedicated support through regular communication, feedback, coaching calls, and quick response to queries. This strong coach-athlete relationship allows for effective collaboration and adjustment of training plans for optimal results.

Coach Scott Law, the Head Coach at Hot Sauce Coaching, is an esteemed endurance sports coach with nearly 20 years of experience in training and racing worldwide. His impressive list of achievements includes World Cup Gold (Track), multiple National Championships, and being crowned the u23 Australian Crit Champion. Scott's extensive background in the cycling realm demonstrates his deep understanding of the sport and his ability to excel at the highest levels.

As a coach, Scott Law is known for his balanced approach, prioritizing the overall well-being and fulfillment of his athletes. He is driven by a passion to help individuals unlock their full potential and achieve their goals, all while enjoying their time on the bike. Through personalized training programs, Scott leverages his insights, experience, and the latest advancements in science and technology to tailor each plan to the unique aspirations and lifestyle of the athlete. This individualized attention ensures that athletes can optimize their performance while maintaining a sense of joy and satisfaction in their cycling pursuits.

Hot Sauce Coaching offers a range of coaching services to cater to athletes of various skill levels and ambitions. Their monthly training plans provide athletes with personalized programs, regular communication with their dedicated coach, and access to a basic TrainingPeaks account for tracking progress. They also offer specialized packages, such as the Junior/U19 package, designed to support young riders in their development both on and off the bike.

For those seeking advanced training and improvements in competitive races and cycling events, the Advanced package provides enhanced features like a premium TrainingPeaks account, fortnightly coaching calls, and monthly race/event tactics discussions. The Professional package is tailored for serious riders aspiring to excel in club, open, national, and international level racing. It offers additional benefits such as daily SMS/email questions, weekly coaching calls, and a monthly ride and feedback session.

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Coach Scott Law's coaching philosophy centers on finding balance and fulfillment in cycling while striving for personal excellence. He believes in tailoring training programs to individual aspirations and lifestyle, leveraging his experience and incorporating the latest advancements in science and technology. With open communication and a holistic approach, Coach Scott Law empowers athletes to unlock their potential and achieve long-term success on their cycling journey.

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Multiple Australian Champion across the Junior and Senior ranks on the Track ,Australian U23 Criterium Champion

Scott Law's Coaching Services


An introductory package for riders looking to improve their fitness and achieve their personal goals. Monthly programs and a monthly call makes this great for those who are new to structured training and/or those who are looking for a training program that fits around their busy lives


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.


Our package for committed riders of all ages seeking improvements in club or open races, cycling events and fondos or simply just to improve your overall fitness and technique. We work with you and your work and family schedule to get the most from the time you have.


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.


The package for serious riders who are seeking the skills, fitness and tactical prowess to achieve their goals in club, open, national and international level racing. Incorporates on the bike sessions and race tactics and strategy advice for all your races throughout the year.


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.