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Sam Hill

Cycling Coach | Cycling Performance Coaching

Elevate your cycling performance with a coach who lives and breathes the sport

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πŸ“ Tamworth, New South Wales, Australia
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πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Trains Recreational, Competitive, Elite Athletes

Why choose Sam Hill

  • Proven Competitive Experience: Coach Sam Hill has a personal track record of success, including as a Zwift Academy Finalist and with victories in prestigious NRS and UCI races and NSW state championships, proving his firsthand knowledge and expertise in the world of cycling.

  • Tailored Programs, Personalized Approach: Coach Sam creates customized coaching programs that are designed to address individual needs and goals, considering factors such as training preferences, physiological strengths, and growth areas, to ensure optimal performance and continuous progress.

  • Comprehensive Support: Gain more than just training plans with Coach Sam Hill's holistic approach. Receive advice on racing tactics, equipment selection, nutrition, and access to further ergogenic aids, supported by a strong academic background in health, exercise physiology, and sports coaching. Benefit from a coach who goes the extra mile to enhance every aspect of your cycling journey.

Coach Sam Hill of Cycling Performance Coaching brings over 10 years of experience in cycling, encompassing both competitive racing and coaching. As a former elite cyclist, Sam has achieved impressive results, including being a Zwift Academy Finalist, NSW Elite Mens Gravel and Road Champion, and earning stage wins in the Australian National Road Series. This extensive background provides him with valuable insights into the sport and a deep understanding of the strategies needed to excel.

Coach Sam has a Bachelor of Teaching (Health and Physical Education) (Honours) from the University of Newcastle and certifications such as the Community Coaching Essential Skills Course from SportAUS. With this knowledge base he is able to combine practical experience with evidence-based coaching methods.

Cycling Performance Coaching offers two coaching packages: Gold and Platinum. The Gold package provides optimal preparation for athletes' main goals, featuring an annual training plan, daily coaching programs tailored to the individual, regular contact, analytical feedback on training sessions, and optional monitoring of resting heart rate and heart rate variability.

For athletes seeking the highest level of coaching, the Platinum package offers an enhanced experience. In addition to the features of the Gold package, athletes benefit from daily monitored nutrition, science-based advice on racing and equipment, unlimited contact with Coach Sam, weekly phone calls, a tailor-made strength and conditioning program, and guaranteed weight optimization.

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Sam lives and breathes cycling which is a fundamental part of why I can trust him as a coach and the process and knowledge he brings.

He is regularly giving feedback on your progress, adapting where it needs to and most importantly explains why we are doing this way to achieve our goals.

He has been able to adapt the program to my lifestyle and schedule to still reach our goals.

I would recommend Cycling Performance Coaching to anyone looking to get ahead in their cycling endeavours.Β 

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The Cycling Performance Coaching program is incredible!

I have learned so much about myself on & off the bike in such a short time thanks to Sam and his training techniques.

A healthy and easy-going lifestyle is so important to me and the Cycling Performance Coaching program helps deliver that. I look forward to working with Sam as my coach in the future as we continue to grow stronger as a team.Β 

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Josh Walker

As a very keen cyclist with a busy work and family life, I was always left wondering whether the time I had to commit to cycling was spent wisely to improve my performance. Often I was second guessing preparation and went into competition feeling over or under done. After thinking on it and a recommendation from a friend I reached out to Sam for help. Sam has been nothing but supportive and encouraging, I have a renewed love for the sport and competition. The only mistake I made was not reaching out sooner.Β 

Coach Sam Hill works to inspire and motivate athletes to reach their full potential in cycling. He fosters a positive environment, treats setbacks as learning opportunities, and tailors coaching programs to individual needs. With evidence-based methods, extensive experience, and comprehensive support, Sam is dedicated to helping athletes grow and succeed on their cycling journey.

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Sam Hill's Coaching Services

Gold Service

Coach Sam Hill's Gold coaching service offers athletes optimal preparation for their main goals with an annual training plan. Tailored daily coaching programs track progress and drive athletes towards success. Regular fortnightly calls ensure open communication about the athlete's physical and mental well-being. Athletes receive valuable analytical feedback on key sessions and have the option for daily HRV monitoring, a tool to measure stress levels and fatigue accurately.


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$0 setup fee.

Platinum Service

Coach Sam Hill's Platinum coaching service is the premium package designed for athletes who are wholeheartedly committed to reaching their maximum potential in cycling. This comprehensive service is tailored for highly motivated individuals who are dedicated to their training. In addition to the features of the Gold Service, the athletes on the Platinum Service benefit from premium features such as nutrition monitoring, unlimited coach communication, and strength and conditioning programming.


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.