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Ric Stern

Cycling Coach | Cycle Coach

Unleash Your Cycling Potential with Coach Ric Stern: Guiding Champions to Victory Since 1998

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📍 Keymer, England, United Kingdom
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🏋️‍♂️ Trains Recreational, Competitive, Elite Athletes

Why choose Ric Stern

  • Proven Success: Coach Ric Stern's evidence-based coaching has produced winners in prestigious events like the Men's World Championship Gold, TransContinental Race, Paralympic Sprint Gold, and World Hour Records.

  • Extensive Experience: With over 20 years of coaching and personal racing experience, Coach Ric Stern offers a deep understanding of cycling and the ability to tailor training programs to individual athletes.

  • Scientific Approach: Coach Ric Stern's coaching programs utilize a rigorous scientific methodology, combining the latest research with practical experience to optimize performance and help athletes achieve their goals.

Ric Stern, the founder of Cycle Coach, is a highly qualified and experienced cycling coach who has been guiding athletes to success since 1998. With a first-class BSc (Hons) degree in Sports Science from the University of Brighton, Ric brings a scientific approach to his coaching methodology. He is a certified Level 3 cycle coach by the Association of British Cycling Coaches, demonstrating his expertise and commitment to the field.

Throughout his extensive racing career, which began in 1984, Ric has competed in a wide range of cycling events, including road races, time trials, hill climbs, criteriums, and stage races. This firsthand experience in various disciplines enables him to provide valuable insights and training strategies to athletes seeking his guidance.

At Cycle Coach, Ric offers a range of coaching services designed to cater to athletes of different levels and goals. His coaching programs are built upon evidence-based scientific principles and tailored to individual needs. Whether an athlete aspires to win championships, complete challenging races, or achieve personal fitness milestones, Ric develops customized training plans that maximize performance potential. These programs include different levels of coaching involvement and analysis, ensuring athletes receive the right level of support and guidance to meet their specific objectives.

With Cycle Coach, athletes can benefit from Ric Stern's qualifications, extensive racing experience, and evidence-based coaching methodology, all aimed at helping them reach their full potential in the world of cycling.


Michael Freiberg

To me the RST Sport team is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body. Whether it be in aerodynamics, nutrition, training, testing, racing, pursuiting or sprinting, every facet of my performance is recorded, measured, calculated and analysed finding improvements in speed, efficiency and recovery. RST is my personal sports institute devoted to making me faster.

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Ben Lane

I started working with Ric after many years of racing and self coaching having reached what I felt was a bit of a plateau. Ric’s approach suited me well – namely devising a fluid programme which looked to continually develop the rider using data driven techniques. Ric was always available to chat things through and became a good ‘virtual’ friend as well as a coaching relationship. He understood the needs of a middle aged racer and through his techniques helped me achieve a few successes on a National Level in time trialling that I did not honestly think I could achieve. Whilst not being coached currently – should I decide to have a coach again I’d be in touch with Ric.

A small personal level of satisfaction. National age group winners medal at CTT National 50 mile TT Championship

Jon Ellis

I’ve worked with Ric for three years and his coaching has been instrumental in transforming my performances across several cycling disciplines including crits, XC, CX and my main focus of time trialling.

The structure and guidance Ric gives me help me exceed my personal targets and achieve times and results I’d never have thought possible, highlights being a 53 minute 25 and top 15 in the Midlands TT Rankings in 2018.

Ric offers a very collaborative approach and was able to quickly adjust my plan to accommodate changes in available training time due to business travel. I have a young family and a busy job so getting the most out of the small amount of weekly time available for training was a real benefit of working with a coach.

Coach Ric Stern's coaching philosophy revolves around an evidence-based scientific approach, personalized to each athlete's goals and needs. With a focus on maximizing performance potential, Coach Ric combines his extensive experience, scientific methodology, and tailored training programs to guide athletes towards success.

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Completion of degree in Sports Science

Ric Stern's Coaching Services

Silver Package

When our athletes select the Silver Coaching Level, they know they're getting the best value for interaction that we offer. We'll look after you whatever type of cycling or multi-sport events you do. We're here to talk with you regularly, and text you. We'll help you peak and taper for your important events and look in detail at your selected training and racing files. Faster, leaner, and more powerful than before. You'll love our Silver Coaching.


Monthly subscription .
$140 setup fee.

Gold Package

Athletes who choose our Gold Coaching level, receive our most popular level of coaching. We provide plenty of feedback and analysis on your training with Gold Coaching, and will help you achieve your goals so that you can crush your fellow athletes. Athletes who choose this level are serious about making gains in their performance, and/or losing weight. Your training will be carefully worked out using our rigorous scientific methodology, so that you arrive at your important races and events at the highest level of fitness possible.


Monthly subscription .
$235 setup fee.

Rainbow Package

Selecting our Rainbow Coaching means you want the ultimate in your coaching. Working directly with our Performance Director, Richard Stern, you'll be utilising the most in-depth coaching possible, where you'll have unlimited contact with Richard. We leave no stone unturned to help you achieve your best performances. As Michael Freiberg explained when he won the Gold Medal and Rainbow jersey at the 2011 World Championships "CycleCoach is my Formula One pit crew, ready to squeeze every ounce of performance from my body". At Rainbow Level Richard works with a maximum of two riders at a time, so that he can devote the time needed to you. Choose Rainbow Coaching if you want the absolute best in coaching and want to smash your goals and races.


Monthly subscription .
$235 setup fee.

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