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Justin Morris

Cycling Coach | Mind Matters Athlete Coaching

Former pro cyclist Justin Morris helps athletes to master mental toughness with Mind Matters Coaching

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📍 Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
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🏋️‍♂️ Trains Recreational, Competitive, Elite Athletes

Why choose Justin Morris

  • Personal experience: Coach Justin Morris has years of experience as a professional cyclist, having competed in UCI professional races worldwide while managing the challenges of living with type 1 diabetes. This first-hand experience has given him unique insights into the sport and the mental and physical demands required to succeed.

  • Holistic approach: Coach Morris offers a holistic approach to athlete development that is tailored to each individual's lifestyle, goals, and personality. In addition to developing personalized training programs, he also emphasizes the importance of mental techniques for success, with a focus on unlocking the power and potential within the mind.

  • Expertise and qualifications: Coach Morris holds degrees in psychology and education from Macquarie University, and is recognized as an accredited cycling coach under Cycling Australia and the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme. He has also received a University Blues Award for excellence in sport and academics, demonstrating his dedication to both his academic and athletic pursuits.

Coach Justin Morris, a former professional cyclist, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his coaching practice. He spent five years as a professional cyclist racing his bike around the world.

Coach Morris's coaching services are designed to cater to a range of athletes, from beginners to elite riders. One of his key offerings is the Elite Development program, which is specifically tailored to young athletes under the age of 25. This program includes an initial consultation to assess the athlete's goals and needs, as well as regular feedback and adjustments to their personalized training plan. Morris provides support for both the physical and mental aspects of training, including event-specific mental preparation and debrief sessions after events.

Coach Morris also offers private cycling tuition sessions through his Cycle Fundamentals course. This two-hour on-bike consultation is designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of cycling, from bike handling to race tactics. The course includes a preliminary bike fit session to ensure comfort and efficiency on the bike, and is available in multiple locations across Australia.

Overall, Morris's coaching services are designed to help athletes achieve their goals, whether that be standing on the podium at a race or feeling comfortable and confident on their bike. His expertise in both the physical and mental aspects of cycling, as well as his experience at the highest level of the sport, make him a sought-after coach for riders looking to improve their performance.


Sam Munday

Justin has had a really positive impact on not only my physical development as a cyclist, however many other aspects of life. He has helped me to not purely focus on the physical training involved in cycling, however holistically address other areas such as positive mentality and self confidence. Justin is a very dedicated, super friendly and motivated person who has had experiences within many areas of the cycling world, including racing 5 years as a professional on the road. He deals with a high level of professionalism and has a broad level of knowledge related to coaching. I seek out to Justin for his assistance with all things related to my cycling development and feel like I would struggle to find anyone else who would do a better job at addressing my needs.

Michael Potter

At the end of 2015 I was looking for an NRS team to make the next step up in the sport. Justin took me under as a mentor and later as a DS. He provided me with his extensive knowledge in racing as-well as a positive out look on cycling in general. Justin’s coaching business will ultimately provide athletes with improvements both on and off the bike.

Reece Robinson

Justin has always helped me focus on the positives on any given situation I’ve been involved in, and that the only way to approach them is to be the best version of myself - trying to be better at what I enjoy in the sport and in life, with in-depth knowledge to back up his advice. 

To this day I carry myself that way wherever I go and I not only owe him for that, I encourage anyone to speak to Justin about breaking down your own personal barriers. 

Coach Justin Morris believes that every athlete is unique and requires a personalized approach to training and development. He emphasizes the importance of mental strength, as well as physical fitness, in achieving athletic goals. Coach Morris also stresses the significance of building a strong relationship between the athlete and coach, and providing regular feedback and support throughout the training process. 

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Former member of Team Novo Nordisk’s professional squad

AusCycling - Advanced Coach (Gold)

Is able to plan, implement and evaluate training for emerging and junior elite riders. Can manage nutrition, recovery and injury management strategies. Capable of planning and implement training campsand travel to major events.

Justin Morris's Coaching Services

The Silver Plan

For the athlete who would like to learn more about training, their body and their mind seeing athletic improvement in the process. All the features of Elite Development program. PLUS:


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.

Athlete Mentoring & Wellbeing Service

A specific focus on handling the mental demands associated with the life of an athlete. Delivered by Australian Sports Commission accredited mentor, former professional athlete and psychology graduate Justin Morris. Focussing on the Mind Matters 5 P’s pillars of performance; Purpose, Passion, Perspective, Presence and Patience the mentoring experience is designed to encourage performance beyond a training plan.


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.

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