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Jesse Coyle

Cycling Coach | Nero Coaching

An expert coach with a unique self-taught journey and global experience.

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📍 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
💻 Online Coaching
🏋️‍♂️ Trains Recreational, Competitive, Elite Athletes

Why choose Jesse Coyle

  • Hands-On Experience and Rapid Progression: Coach Jesse Coyle has the unique experience of having coached himself from club grades to UCI Continental level within just three years. Cyclists who themselves are late starters or are looking to make substantial improvements in a short timeframe could greatly benefit from his personal experiences and insights.

  • International Exposure: With competitive cycling experience across Europe, Asia, and the USA, Coach Jesse brings a global perspective to his coaching. With this broad international experience, Coach Jesse is able to offer insights into different racing styles and conditions. 

  • Operational Coaching Experience: Coach Jesse’s work as an Operational Coach for Today’s Plan, managing athletes and teams on behalf of the world's top coaches, gives him a unique edge in understanding training dynamics and athlete management from a broader perspective. 

Coach Jesse Coyle is a dedicated professional with significant coaching and competitive experience. Holding a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, Jesse has been coaching road cyclists since 2017. His unique sporting progression provides him with a distinctive perspective on rapid performance improvement. His operational coaching role at Today's Plan, where he works with the world's top coaches in managing athletes and teams, gives him an expanded view of athlete management.

As a coach at Nero Coaching, Jesse offers Gold and Platinum level coaching services. These are comprehensive, individualised programs tailored to the athlete's specific goals, providing regular feedback and alterations based on evolving needs. Both levels offer customised training programs, goal development, and strategic advice. The Platinum service includes unlimited communication and detailed advice on multiple aspects of cycling performance. 


Nero Coaching has helped my cycling a great deal and I highly recommend this service. Jesse has provided a tailored program that keeps me motivated and improving while at the same time managing a busy work schedule.


Coaches who absolutely care about you and your development as a rider. Nero coaching was my first step into structured training. Jesse was awesome about stepping through all the basics and setting sessions with the right degree of difficulty for someone starting out. 12 months on and the goals are bigger and the sessions harder, but again set at a level with the right amount of push but still achievable and motivating. Feedback is timely and constructive. I personally like that the guys also race and are there to share their insights/advice so your prepped for the important race days. If your looking for a coach to get you to the next level, while making sure you still love to ride your bike, you are in safe hands with these guys. 5 stars.


I was looking to get serious with my riding and goals and got in touch with Jesse at Nero. I haven’t looked back, excellent plans developed dynamically to suit me, my time and my goals. The perfect amount of support and contact and total understanding of what I am looking to get out of it. Can’t recommend highly enough.

Coach Jesse Coyle's coaching philosophy is based in his own journey from being a late-comer to the sport to competing at the UCI Continental level. Jesse believes in the transformative power of theoretical knowledge applied practically to enhance performance. His philosophy leans heavily on self-improvement, using his unique personal experiences to motivate and inspire athletes. As a coach, he is dedicated to using his extensive knowledge and experience to develop cyclists at all levels, helping them reach their full potential. He values individual progression, tailored coaching, and a global perspective, aiming to bring his athletes to new heights in their cycling careers.

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Jesse Coyle's Coaching Services


Platinum is for serious riders who not only want to train, but want to achieve the fastest progression possible for their cycling. This is an all encompassing coaching package that will provide the most detailed level of advice and education on every aspect of your cycling. Platinum includes everything from Gold, with the following upgrades:


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