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Holly Henry

Cycling Coach | Holly Henry Coaching

A pro cyclist who transforms your potential into performance with tailored training programs

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πŸ“ Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
πŸ’» Online Coaching
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🟒 Beginner Friendly
πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ Trains Recreational, Competitive, Elite Athletes

Why choose Holly Henry

  • Expertise from Personal Experience: Coach Holly Henry is not only a certified cycling coach but also a professional cyclist with the Instafund Pro Cycling Team. This hands-on experience in elite cycling provides her with a unique understanding of the challenges, needs, and goals that athletes at all levels might face. She's also transitioned from being an elite triathlete to full-time cycling, and brings a multidisciplinary approach to training that athletes crossing over from other endurance sports will find beneficial.

  • Personalized Approach to Coaching: Coach Holly emphasizes designing individualized training programs tailored to each athlete's needs, goals, and commitment level. Her coaching is customized to help each athlete reach their unique potential. Whether you're a seasoned pro, an enthusiastic beginner, or a young athlete, Holly has a program designed to meet your specific needs and aspirations.

  • Committed to Athlete Development: Coach Holly takes an active role in her athletes' development. In addition to providing her athletes with a training plan, she also takes the time to talk to them and regularly analyses their progress.Β  She is especially committed to youth and junior riders, offering in-person coached sessions when possible. This level of involvement makes her a great match for athletes who are seeking a coach who is invested in their development, providing guidance, support, and expert analysis every step of the way.

Coach Holly Henry is a cycling coach with a rich background in competitive sports. A professional cyclist for the Instafund Pro Cycling Team, she has five years of competitive cycling experience and a prior career as an elite triathlete. Coach Holly brings this hands-on experience to her coaching, enabling her to understand the nuanced challenges and goals athletes face. Alongside her practical experience, Holly is academically accomplished, having completed her undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology with distinction from the University of Victoria. She is currently PMBIA level 1 certified and NCCP-trained in Performance Cycling and Competition Development, with her full certification in progress.Β 

Coach Holly offers a variety of coaching services tailored to athletes' unique needs and goals. She provides personalized training programs for elite athletes, beginners, and youth, with services ranging from weekly training analysis and meetings, access to a premium Training Peaks account, and in-person coaching sessions. Additionally, she hosts pop-up skills sessions to help athletes enhance specific cycling techniques.

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Coach Holly Henry's coaching philosophy is centered on individuality, commitment, and comprehensive development. She believes that every athlete, whether new to the sport or at an elite level, has unique needs, goals, and commitment levels that should be addressed through a personalized training program. She dedicates herself to being 'all in' with her athletes, viewing the full picture of their development and finding ways to make their goals a reality. Holly's approach is not only to give athletes a training plan but also to continuously analyze their performance, provide regular feedback, and guide them in transforming their potential into real-world cycling performance.

TrainingPeaks App

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Holly Henry's Coaching Services

All In

You know what you want, where you want to be, and you want your coach to be all in too. As an athlete myself, when I am working with a coach I expect someone who can look at the full picture and find a way to make my goals a reality. With this program, I want to work with you at a personal level to design an individualized training plan specific to your needs and goals.


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.

Just Getting Started

If you're a new racer/rider or just want to get fit and someone to help you stay on track with your goals, this is for you!


Monthly subscription .
$0 setup fee.

Youth, Juniors, and U23s

Just like the all in program but with a little more coach involvement to help younger athletes.


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$0 setup fee.